No grill, no problem. I’m going to tell you how to cook a steak indoors that will be just as good as steak on the grill. If you live in a small apartment, like me, your fire alarm will go off (I usually turn mine off before cooking)!


1 Steak (1 in thick)

Rosemary (fresh or dried, but fresh is always nice if you have it)

1 tbs butter

1 large garlic glove



1. Let your steak(s) come to room temp. This step is very important* Letting your steak sit out for an hour is perfect.

2. Generously salt your steak on both sides (like, very generously..)

2. Heat a cast iron pan (mine was a grill pan, but it absolutely does not have to be) on high heat until it’s so hot, sometimes it even starts to smoke.

3. Add the steak to the pan, and press it down a bit so it cooks evenly. Keep heat on high and cook on this side for 2 minutes.

4. In the meantime, get your butter and garlic ready. You can remove the garlic from the skin completely or just lay a knife on it and press down to release it but let the skin remain on (this is what I did).

5. Once the steak is on it’s second side, add in your butter, garlic and rosemary. Tip the pan a bit so all three fall to one side and spoon the butter on top of the steak, continue spooning the butter on your steak until the 2 minute timer goes off.

6. Take the steak off. Let sit for 10 minutes before cutting. I have my steak on top of an upside down spoon. I read this trick somewhere, it is important because it prevents the steak from getting soggy on one side.