This is another classic Persian dish that’s usually served with fish. Enjoy!


1 bunch of parsley

1 bunch of dill

1 bunch of cilantro

1 bunch of green onions

2 cups of basmati rice (serves 4)

tbs of canola oil

Saffron powder


If you have the time, soak your rice in salted water 2-3 hours before boiling.

Wash all of your herbs prior to using and let them dry.

Chop the parsley, cilantro and dill using a blender or food processor so they’re finely diced. You can also do this by hand. Dice the green onion by hand. Put all of the herbs and the green onion in one bowl and mix them together.

Boil water in a circular teflon pot, once boiling, strain your rice and add to the water. Let boil for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes strain the rice. In the same pot, add a little water to the bottom and a little saffron. Shake the pot around, so the saffron reaches all areas.

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Take spoonfuls of the rice and plop them in the pot. Keep layering the rice, but with each layer add in your green and lightly mix with your spoon so there are not white large white spots. You don’t have to smooth the rice so it’s flat, just let it fall in naturally.

Once you’ve added all your rice back into the pot, drizzle a tbs of canola oil on top of the rice in a circular motion.

Put a paper towel on top of the pot and then place the lid on top of the paper towels.

Put the burner on high heat for one minute, then turn on low and let steam for 1/2 hour.

Once your rice is done steaming, take the lid and paper towel off. Place a plate on top of the pot and flip the entire pot over so the bottom of the is now on top. Place the plate down and remove the pot.

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If you have left over herbs, you can make Herb Fratata (Kuku)